Friday, February 11, 2011

Pain That Lays Beneath Me

The wind blows against my warmth face. Tears drop from pain. The sun shines above, My shadow creeps up. its so sad and unloved. The white seashore clouds drift by. I connect and drawl a picture with my mind. it was a broken heart that's been stepped on. i gently lay backwards trying so hard not to burst. I lay sideways holding my head. Memories start to play back, like a video tape, I can't pause it or push stop, It will keep playing and I'll sing along. Its a sad and happy melody that's stuck in my brain. I start to see the moments we shared together. When we kissed and laughed together.

Out of no where it started to pour, We ran so fast, you were chasing me and trying hard to get a kiss. You had caught me and you held me close. You said the words I loved the most. " Katie I'm in love with you," then you kissed my forehead, " Katie i really love you!" I laughed out loud and yelled; Dylan I love you too. We smiled, laughed and started to walk home. Then we looked up and a single star lit up so bright our eyes had sparkled. It was the star that brought us together, the one that wouldn't ever let one another fall.

Then it stopped all of a sudden. No sound, No image. It was blank until (ZOOM)! 

I saw us again. We were in a dugout and i was laying on top of you. I told you I was cold, you cuddle with me and I fell even more for you then I ever was. A quick ZOOM!

The next image appeared. It was when I finally told you about the assault.  You got sad and mad, so you just look down. I then saw you head gently and slowly rise and you looked straight at me, eye to eye.The words that came out of his mouth were so soft and pure. He had said " Katie I'm here and your safe. it will be alright. I'm not ever leaving." I cried so hard my words were trapped like a tongue twister.
 The final image that popped up like popcorn was of you saying your done. Such Harsh words I'll never forget. The clouds covered you face. Here I am alone again. The one who's always hurt in the end. You said we can be best friends, But I was scared if I could bare to look in your eyes again. You've been erased in the sky. You've evaporated like water and I now have no more energy stored up inside me. No strength is left, I can not stand. The sun sinks down, My memories disappear. You'll forget about me, while I suffer inside this body, while i ache from this pain. I whispered to you in the distance. " Dylan I don't want to be a burden." 

I pick up a knife and shove it through my chest just with every last pump I had left. The last words he had heard me say was," I can rest in peace finally."

P.S- I'll Love you forever and always, please forgive me!

                    By: Kaitlyn Ancello

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  1. You have nothing to be ashamed of, it's not your fault.... I'm proud that you shared your story...