Friday, February 11, 2011

So Let It be

                                I'm buried in my memories, I'm lost in my mind. 
                       All I did was waste my time, I'm feeling like i can't go on, 
                             Someone Please tell me why my heart is not strong.
                                          Could it be I'm not the right one? 
                                  I must be chocked up on uncomfortable love, 
                                                    They say you want her, 
                                                      They say you drull, 
                                               They say shes all over you. 

                                                       I say your a fool! 
                                          So choose her and let me fall, 
                          It will be okay, because I can stand on my own. 
    So out of hope, So out of faith, So out of wondering do you like her or me?

By: Kaitlyn Ancello

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